Consider which Headings are Growing Fastest

Changes in consumer interest is reflected by the fact that growth in some headings outpaces the growth in others. These two tables are based on the percentage of growth between 1999 and 2001 (the latest year available).

The information is provided courtesy of Yellow Pages Integrated Media Association (YPIMA)

Fastest-Growing Headings by the Amount of Revenue

Fastest-Growing Headings – by Amount of Revenue
          (in this order)                       % of Growth
1.Garden and Lawn Equipment29%
3.Plumbing Contractor26%
5.Carpet/Rug Cleaning20%
8.Cellular Telephones20%
10.Cable TV18%

Fastest-growing Headings by the Number of References

Fastest-Growing Headings – by Amount of Revenue
          (in this order)                       (in millions)
1.Computers – Software84
2.Retirement Homes83
3.Internet Services80
4.Bail Bonds67
5.Siding Contractors60
6.Computer Service & Repair57
7.Mortgage & Real Estate Loans53
9.Real Estate35
10.Schools – Business & Vocational33